Junior Ethical Hacker – Web Application Analyst

As Junior ethical hacker you will become part of Outpost24’s Ghost Labs team: Outpost24’s ethical hacking team, technically rooted and the core of Outpost24’s hacking activities. We perform penetration tests, conduct security research and much more.


Sista datum för anmälning: 2021-09-30

Företagsnamn: Outpost24

Mail till kontaktperson: ms@outpost24.com

Länk till företag: https://cezanneondemand.intervieweb.it/outpost/jobs/junior_ethical_hacker__web_application_analyst_9220/en/

Utbildningsnivå: Kandidat Magister/Master

Utbildningsområde: Datavetenskap och mjukvaruutveckling

Outpost24 is a leading cyber assessment company focused on enabling its customers to achieve maximum value from their evolving technology investments. By leveraging our full stack security insights to reduce attack surface for any architecture, Outpost24 customers continuously improve their security posture with the least effort. Our headquarters is in Karlskrona, Sweden but we have offices across the globe to cater our clients in over 40 countries.

As Junior ethical hacker/Web application analyst, you will become part of Outpost24’s Ghost Labs team: Outpost24’s ethical hacking team, technically rooted and the core of Outpost24’s hacking activities. We perform all penetration tests, conduct security research and contribute to the security community through responsible disclosure and proof-of-concepts. Do you think that you’ve got what it takes, and would you like to join the Ghosts? Read on!

As Web application analyst in the Ghost Labs AppSec team, you are the backbone of our Application Security portfolio. You understand that automation will only get our customers so far. You offer the human knowledge needed to uncover vulnerabilities in our customers applications.

Your daily activities involve:
• Performing verification tests in web applications, to help our customers to see if they have effectively resolved vulnerabilities.
• Doing re-test for existing web applications, which allows our AppSec team to go further every time we perform a test.
• Paired-testing with more senior team-members on more complex projects

As ethical hacker, you are able to think outside of the box and you understand to use your technical skills to improve the security of our customers. You can work independently, but you are also a team player and always keen to keep exploring, developing and learning new things. We will support you in developing yourself and guiding your development, whether you aspire a deep technical career path, a sales-oriented role or a team manager. We help you evolve through fun off-site activities, Capture the flag events, trainings (on-site and remote), industry leading certifications (such as CISSP, OSCP, TOGAF, OSCE) and work trips to conferences. Furthermore, we offer LinkedIn Learning for all employees with great online training courses taught by industry experts.

You have less than 2 years of experience with penetration testing, but anything you might lack in experience is directly replaced by your passion for tech and security. In addition, you have an insatiable love for understanding how things work, and above all, how to break them. The following likely describes you:
• Passionate for technology and security.
• Completed relevant university degree, or relevant professional experience.
• IT Security experience, for example: CTF Events, conferences, CVE/Responsible disclosures, contribution to Open-source projects.
• A true team player and self-claimed computer nerd.
• Programming/scripting and or network engineering skills.
• Professional English communications skills.
• You live near our Karlskrona office in Sweden or are willing to travel/relocate.

Missing some of the above? That’s perfectly fine, we will make sure you have a buddy to help you grow with the team in no-time! Like what you see and want to know more? Apply now!

Please apply through Outpost24’s job portal.

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