Global Roaming Tester – Telenor

As a global roaming tester you will perform tests (2G, 3G, 4G, VoLTE and 5G) between mobile operators all over the world.


Sista datum för anmälning: 2023-09-29

Företagsnamn: Telenor Linx

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Utbildningsnivå: Kandidat

Utbildningsområde: Civilingenjörsutbildningar Datavetenskap och mjukvaruutveckling Digitala medier och spelteknik Telekommunikation

Telenor is looking for a student that is interested in learning more about international mobile telecommunication services, and at the same time expand her/his understanding of international business culture.

We are offering a part-time position in which you will get relevant work experience in combination with your BTH studies. You will be a part of our Roaming Delivery team and perform the work tasks in our test center located in Telenor’s offices at Campus Gräsvik in Karlskrona.

As a global roaming tester you will perform technical tests (2G, 3G, 4G, VoLTE and 5G) between mobile operators all over the world. Either by using ordinary mobile phone and SIM card, or by using our remote test tool that has test probes distributed all over the world.

Our most important requirements are that we can rely on you and that you are able to get things done. It is also necessary with a certain technical understanding/curiosity as well as being able to communicate using the English language. Apart form that we will provide all necessary training onsite.

This is definitely the job you would like to add to your CV. If this looks interesting for you, please send a written application to us using the contact details provided below. You can also contact Jonas if you need more information.

We want you to join as soon as possible. Applications will be assessed on a running basis. The sooner, the better!

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