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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Engineering


The research in computer science and engineering includes both practical and theoretical aspects of data processing and applications, as well as implementation of such systems. We focus on two areas: data science and parallel computer systems.

We study and develop methods and technologies for collecting, representing, storing, processing, and analyzing data in the data science area. We are also interested in how data can be used for prediction, classification, and pattern recognition. Our research is primarily in machine learning, data mining, big data, planning and scheduling, as well as optimization. We apply our methods in the areas decision support, image processing, analysis of historic documents, the health sector, transport and logistics, as well as anomaly and intrusion detection.

In the area of parallel computer systems we study computer systems with multiple processing units (processors), e.g., multi-core systems, distributed systems, cloud based systems, GPUs, and heterogeneous systems. The area includes methods and technologies for design, implementation, and analysis of parallel systems, in order to achieve qualities such as correctness, performance, robustness, scalability, high resource utilization, low energy consumptions. The research includes hardware aspects, as well as system and application software, and the interaction between hardware and software. The application focus is primarily algorithms and methods from the data science area, e.g., algorithms for machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition, and large scale analysis of data images.

Current projects