Department of Technology and Aesthetics, DITE

Department of Technology and Aesthetics

The Department of Technology and Aesthetics is one of three departments at the Faculty of Computing.

Head of Department: Sven Johansson
Department coordinator: Silvio Ocasic


Technoscience Studies is focusing research, higher education and development in advanced cooperation contexts. An overall aim for Technoscience Science is to develop ICT including media technologies as reality-producing technologies and thus as part of transformations in society, that follow in its wake. A pronounced awareness of the significance of local contexts has also pushed the research and research training towards the development of innovation systems.

The researchers and doctoral students at Technoscience studies are active in mainly one of the four profile areas:

Design for digital media

Feminist technoscience

ICT for development

Innovation system and development

Research and undergraduate education are strongly intertwined resulting in establishment of companies by students within media technology or making the students easily employable, especially so within digital game and digital audio production.

The research has both a regional and international presence. The regional relevance of the research is given by its involvement and collaboration in NetPort Science Park in Karlshamn, and the focus area Digital Media. The international linkages appear in the form of participation in various networks in Europe and beyond, which constantly creates new possibilities for cooperation both within and outside academia.




The department´s researchers and teachers are involved in many programmes and courses.