Department of Applied Signal Processing, TISB

Department of Applied Signal Processing

The Department of Applied Signal Processing is one of seven departments at the Faculty of Engineering.

Head of the department: Sven Johansson

Department coordinator: Svetlana Zivanovic


Applied signal processing is one of the most successful areas of research at BTH. The 20 years of theoretical and practical experiences that the group has brings new insights into international research and new solutions in the industry worldwide. Our knowledge in applied signal processing has resulted in approx. 25 patent families and hundreds of follow-up patents. The research is usually conducted in close collaboration with industry. By bridging knowledge gained through research with our extensive experience of industrial cooperation new innovative solutions are created.

Our research focus is on future innovations for sustainable development of human health, home and work environment, productivity, production costs, etc. We solve “real problems, in real life”, in collaboration with industry, institutions and the public sector. Applied signal processing is a very broad area which for instance includes systems engineering and mechatronics.

Currently the research group conducts research within:

  • Noise and vibration control
  • Pattern recognition, Feature Extraction and Classification
  • Condition Monitoring and Condition Based Maintenance
  •  Automatic Control
  •  Speech enhancement
  •  Acoustic measurement methods
  •  Sound and vibration analysis, and Structural dynamics
  • Distance laboratories with remote monitoring and control
  • Image processing; Enhancement and measurement of image and video quality



The department´s researchers and teachers are involved in many programmes and courses.

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