The conference is a collaboration between BTH, Kristianstad University and Malmö University and provides an opportunity for employed teachers / researchers to share best practice, papers, etc. that are university pedagogically relevant. Everyone in Lärosäten Syd is welcome to attend the conferences.

The main purpose of Lärarlärdom is:

  • to offer a meeting place where teachers, study administrators, staff in support functions, management and student unions can meet for qualified conversations about education quality and learning
  • to create a forum that inspires discussion and knowledge formation about and around learning and teaching in higher education and the conditions for this activity
  • to establish a platform for pedagogical merit that gives teachers the opportunity to present their reflected experience and documented knowledge about learning and teaching in higher education
    Our teachers, researchers, doctoral students, study administrators and staff in various support functions have over the years built a solid knowledge and reflected experience about learning in our subjects, teaching in our courses, support for our students and the conditions for successful learning at our universities. In addition, a number of our teachers have over the years carried out empirical studies in development projects and created important knowledge about students’ learning in courses and programs.

In recent years, there has also been an increasing focus on educational outcomes. Questions concerning the quality of teaching thus become central. It is important to develop and support teachers’ pedagogical skills and to shed light on the conditions for teaching that is conducted in higher education.

The need for a common meeting point for pedagogical and didactic discussions where teachers and other staff can meet and bring these discussions together across subject boundaries and university boundaries is greater than ever.

Through this higher education pedagogical conference, we want to offer an opportunity to meet and share experiences of conducting high-quality education and teaching in various subject traditions and contexts, and highlight the conditions for learning and knowledge formation that are made possible.

The organizers are divided between BTH, Kristianstad University and Malmö University.

Select year to take part in the last three events:

2022 Blekinge Institute of Technology

2021 Kristianstad University

2020 Malmö University


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