Top-reasons to work at BTH

Top-reasons to work at BTH

BTH makes the most of being a small university, with short distances between management, teachers and students. We have a shorter time to make decisions and the flexibility for change and innovations.

BTH offers an attractive and sustainable work environment, we are a state-owned university which means that our employees enjoy a number of benefits and support that go beyond the ones common among all Swedish employers. BTH’s systematic work environment management ensures a sustainable workplace for our employees. Read more about our work environment, benefits & support.

BTH is a focused university, we have a distinctive focus on the digitalisation of society and sustainability. Technology related research and development is prioritized, and receives significant attention and support. Our mission is to contribute to sustainable social development through higher education, research and innovation.

BTH has a strong external engagement and many strategic collaboration partner. These include e.g.a number of internationally active business partners such as Volvo, Ericsson, Telenor, NKT and other leading companies and organisationsand as a modern and open university we are easy to work with. We collaborate with wider society and are a driving actor both regionally and nationally. The close cooperation with industry and society permeates our education and research at a regional, national and international level. More information about our collaborations can be found here.

BTH’s research makes a difference within some fields, such as software engineering and strategic sustainable development, we are already world class. Currently, research accounts for a third of BTH’s activities and we have the ambition to increase this proportion even more. Read more about our research here.

BTH has a beautiful, international and safe environment. BTH is an international university and diversity is important to us: our students are coming from all over the world and the same goes for our teachers, researchers and cooperations. Both campuses Karlskrona and Karlshamn are located by the sea in the centre of the beautiful archipelago which creates a special atmosphere. Karlskrona is well connected to Stockholm, Malmö and Copenhagen. Our region Blekinge offers a safe environment as well as an excellent choice for family life with affordable housing. Read more about our region here. 

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