Research with close links to industry

Research with close links to industry

BTH conducts applied research, meaning it pursues new knowledge for a targeted purpose. Research is conducted in collaboration with industry and society, and focus is always clear – results must contribute to solutions to challenges faced by society.

All departments at BTH work actively with practical innovation, as the university’s strategy involves identifying and developing potential ideas as close as possible to the needs and expertise.

BTH is a member of Innovation Office Syd (IKS) alongside a number of higher education institutions. IKS supports students and researchers in taking their promising ideas and developing them into products and services.

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Examples of collaborations with industry and society

BTH collaborates with Ericsson, Karlskrona Municipality and Blue Science Park in work to create a tech accelerator. Here, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and people with bright ideas related to technological innovation receive a boost to develop and verify technical solutions.

BTH, Chalmers, GNK Aerospace, Roxtec and Volvo Trucks are collaborating on new support tools and electronic functions for creating the conditions for the transition to more sustainable solutions. This in turn improves resource efficiency and the use of more sustainable technology.

Together with Dynapac, GKN Aerospace, Roxtec, Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions AB, Volvo Cars, and Volvo Construction Equipment, BTH is running a project that aims to develop digital decision-making support for the development of tomorrow’s sustainable product and service solutions.

BTH collaborates with Blue Science Park and WIP on the development of automatic tracing systems for the logistics sector, industry and retail.

BTH collaborates with Spotify, ADDQ and ArcticBlue on model-based software testing.

BTH collaborates with Saab Surveillance on work with directed air data links for aviation products.

BTH collaborates with NetPort Science Park, Blue Science Park, Blekinge Idrottsförbund, Blekinge Business Incubator, RF SISU Blekinge and Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics on a project that aims to respond to the social health-related challenges linked to lifestyle diseases and an ageing population, while simultaneously helping enable regional growth and innovation within health and sport science.

BTH collaborates with Region Blekinge and all of its municipalities, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden, Move About, Kreativum, the County Administrative Board of Blekinge County, and the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden in a bid to create a decision support system that shows how key stakeholders need to act to speed up and synchronise the municipal and regional transition to competitive, fossil-fuel free and sustainable modes of transport.

BTH is collaborating with Ericsson, Sony Mobile Communications, Swedbank, Time People Group, QTEMA, Volvo Construction Equipment, Handelsbanken, Telia, Maxkompetens, Fortnox, and Tolpagorni on a research project that aims to take on the next generation’s challenges faced by companies that develop software-intensive systems and products.

BTH is running a project together with the Swedish Transport Administration, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Linköping University and Lund University that aims to develop, apply and assess concepts and methods for efficient calculation support for operative rail traffic management.

BTH, Ericsson and Spotify are collaborating on a project that focuses on organisational scaling and onboarding processes when integrating a large number of new employees into ongoing software development organisations.

BTH is collaborating with Qvantel, Axis Communications and Bombardier Transportation as part of a project using data analysis and visualisations for supporting how test results are interpreted in software development.

BTH collaborates with Volvo Cars, Dynapac, Blue Science Park, Techtank and Södra Cell on the development of distance courses in systems technology and smart industry.

BTH is collaborating with Tarkett and Kinnarps on a project that aims to support communicating sustainability information between customers and product development.

BTH collaborates with several leading companies in the implementation of strategic sustainability thinking in corporate innovation processes.

BTH conducts research into health, healthcare and social care for the increasing ageing population, together with the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Region Blekinge and Karlskrona Municipality.

BTH is a partner in Marine Technology Center of Sweden, which enables a safe and green Europe through a focus on offshore energy, defense and sustainable oceans.

BTH collaborates with Axis Communications, Ericsson, WIP and Tobii Pro as part of a project aiming to promote visual and interactive applications for sustainable quality and immersive experiences, together with facilitating intuitive interactions.

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