Specialized courses in Industrial Economics and Management, 30 Higher education credits, Spring-21

It is no longer possible to apply to this option

The course package consists of four courses that are separately examined:

  • Product management 7,5 hp
  • Process and project management 7,5 hp
  • Strategy and business models in technology-intensive businesses 7,5 hp
  • Leadership in high technology and knowledge-intensive organizations 7,5 hp

The course package offers specialized courses within industrial economics and management for students who want to increase their knowledge within this area. The courses are part-time 50 %, which means that two courses are run in parallel. The course package starts with Product management and Process and project management. These courses develop the student’s knowledge about management and planning for achieving long-term sustainable and profitable products and product portfolios, as well as efficient industrial business processes and projects. The succeeding two courses both deepen and broaden the scope of the initial courses. Courses 3 and 4 develop the student’s knowledge about strategy and leadership in primarily technology and knowledge-intensive organizations. These courses also elaborate on the link between strategy and business models on the one hand and product management on the other hand, as well as the role of leadership within process and project management.
The courses are run on distance and the language of instruction is English. There are no mandatory occasions on campus, but scheduled occasions online might occur. Teaching and examination forms vary within the course package. There are theoretical and practical elements, individual and groupwise assignments, as well as teacher and student-led exercises. Since the course package is on full-time, it is expected that the students can spend 40 hours a week for the studies.

Completed courses of 30 credits in technology of which at least 6 credits in industrial economics and management.


  • Application code: BTH-KP669
  • Start week: w.03
  • End week: w.22
  • Pace: 100 %
  • Application: It is no longer possible to apply to this option
  • Location: Some or all of education and examination is held at distance.
  • Welcome letter: Download
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