DV2587 Applied Artificial Intelligence

Programme course, 6 Higher education credits, Second cycle, autumn semester 2022

This course is part of a programme and cannot be applied.

Artificial intelligence exists in different forms in an increasingly larger part of the computerized systems we use - Optimization techniques in logistics, computer-controlled characters in computer games, decision support systems, imaging algorithms and mobile robots. This purpose of the course is to introduce students to the field of artificial intelligence and some of its applications.


  • Mode of delivery: On campus, day, part-time 50%
  • Programme period: 2022-August-29 until 2022-October-30
  • Education level: A1N
  • Application: This course is part of a programme and cannot be applied.
  • Language of instruction: The teaching language is Swedish.
  • Location: Karlskrona
  • Main field of study: Computer Science
  • Welcome letter: This course is part of a programme and has no welcome letter.
  • Entry requirements: Admission to the course requires completed 12 credits from courses in programming and 6 credits in data structures and algorithms.


Learning outcomes

Course literature and other teaching material

Course literature and other teaching material

Learning methods

Work placement

No work placement is included in the planned learning activities. BTH is aiming for a close contact with the surrounding community when developing courses and programmes.



The course will be graded A Excellent, B Very good, C Good, D Satisfactory, E Sufficient, FX Insufficient, supplementation required, F Fail.


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Course Evaluation

The course manager is responsible for the views of students on the course being systematically and regularly gathered and that the results of the evaluations in various forms affect the form and development of the course.