How to pay your tuition fee

How to pay your Tuition fee

If you are required to pay tuition fee for your studies at Blekinge Institute of Technology, please read the information below.

After receiving the Notification of Selection Result from University Admissions, you must sign in at the following web page: Tuition fees stating your tuition fee. Here, you will also find instructions on how to pay.

To sign in you use your Application number and your Personal code number that can be found on your Notification of Selection Result.
Please note that when entering your Personal code number (starting with your date of birth, for example 19930101-xxxx) you have to exclude the first two digits in this number and the hyphen “-“, you enter only the following:  930101xxxx.

Please note that BTH is not sending any invoices, instead you use the bank account information on the above-mentioned webpage and make payment via a bank transfer.

Please remember that your tuition fee must be paid before you can apply for your residence permit.

Conditions regarding tuition fees and scholarships at BTH can be found at Conditions regarding tuition fees and scholarships at BTH 2019

If you have any questions regarding tuition fees please read the FAQ

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