Newly admitted master’s students

Newly admitted master’s students

Teaching autumn 2020

All teaching on campus-based programmes is currently planned to be carried out on campus in autumn 2020.

Option to study at a distance

BTH has created an option to study at a distance on four of our Master’s programmes. All educational activities on these programmes will also be carried out as distance education during the autumn semester 2020. This option is for students who are unable to be here on campus on 31 August, due to the current situation.

The option to choose distance education only applies to newly admitted students on these programmes. The programmes with this options are:

Starting with the spring semester 2021, educational activities will be campus-based for all students on the above mentioned programmes.


Programmes following planned form of education

Updated 2020-05-15.
These pages will continously be updated. Many questions cannot be answered at this time. Things may also change before the start of the semester.
Therefore, check the information here regularly!



Questions regarding educational issues

How does on-line education work at BTH?

BTH made the transition to distance education for all enrolled students during the latter part of the spring semester 2020. You can read  about this in the Student Portal.

We are still planning for the autumn 2020 hence all schedules and seminars are not ready, but you will get an idea of how distance education works. Some information will only be available for students already registered at BTH.

I have been admitted but have no intention to start my studies due to the Covid-19 outbreak, what can I do?

If you no longer wish to start your studies you should cancel your admission at University Admissions. You should also notify us on so that your  study place can be offered to someone on the waiting list.

Can I defer and start my studies in spring 2021?

Most international programmes at Blekinge Institute of Technology only start once every year, in autumn (late August/early September). This means that it will not be possible to defer to spring studies.


Questions regarding payments and refunds (for non-EU/EEA students)

Will I be reimbursed if the programme/course is cancelled?

The tuition fee will be fully repaid if the course or programme you have been admitted to is no longer offered.

Will I be reimbursed since the programme I have been admitted to has changed from on-Campus to distance education due to Covid-19?

If you already paid the fee and no longer want to start your studies due to the change of study form, you will be fully reimbursed (no administrative costs) if you notify us before the autumn semester 2020 starts.

Will the tuition fee be repaid if my application for a residence , permit in Sweden is rejected?

If you already paid the fee and no longer want to start your studies, you will be fully reimbursed (no administrative costs). This only applies if you have not registered and/or attended the classes and notify us before the autumn semester 2020 starts.

Due to the uncertain situation, is it possible to pay smaller tuition fee instalments now and not pay for the full semester?

You will have to pay the tuition fee in full. Please find information on how to pay your tuition fee on the page how to pay your tuition fee.

Practical issues

Will I be able to get a residence permit for studies?

The Swedish Migration Agency has not changed its policies with regards to international students applying for a residence permit for studies in Sweden. This means that these students are expected to continue to fulfil the requirements set by the Swedish Migration Agency.

Read more at The Swedish Migration Agency

When should I apply for a residence permit if I intend to come to BTH for the spring semester 2021?

Normally you cannot apply for a residence permit for studies earlier than 6 months before the spring semester starts in January 2021. Applications that are made more than 6 months ahead will be denied. We are keeping a close contact with the Swedish Migration Agency and information in this matter will be published on this website.

Would it be safe for me to come to Sweden in August?

Swedish authorities are following the spread of the coronavirus very carefully and are working tirelessly to keep Sweden and its residents safe. The best way to follow developments regarding the virus is to refer to the WHO website and the ECDC website. There are currently travel restrictions in place for foreign nationals travelling to Sweden. Please read the BTH information regarding the Corona Pandemic on our website where you also can find links to official websites.

Can I fly to Copenhagen airport in Denmark, in order to get to BTH in Karlskrona?

NEW: The temporary travel ban has been extended another 30 days until 15 June 2020.

On 17 March 2020, all Schengen Area Member States (including Sweden and Denmark) approved a plan proposed by the EU Commission that foresees the closure of the external borders of the territory, for a period of at least 30 days, as the most extreme measure taken by the block to halt the further spreading of Covid-19.

The travel ban will affect all non-EU nationals during this time period, except long-term residents, family members of EU nationals and diplomats, cross-border and healthcare workers, and people transporting goods. We do not yet know what the situation in Sweden will be like at the start of the autumn 2020 semester.

Will I be insured as a student at BTH participating in distance education?

The Kammarkollegiet´s insurances will apply as usual if you choose to participate in distance education but are living in Sweden. Students are not covered by Kammarkollegiet´s insurances if they are in other countries than Sweden even if they participate in distance studies at a Swedish university. Please read more at Kammarkollegiet´s website.

Students who pay tuition fees

Individual insurance