Principles of leadership and management

Programme course, 7,5 credits

  • Period : 2022-August-29 until 2022-October-30
  • Location: Some or all of education and examination is held at distance.
  • Type of instruction: Distance, mixed-time, part-time 50%
  • Main field of study: Industrial Economics and Management
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  • Language of instruction: English
  • Education level: AXX
  • Course code: IY2602
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Principles of leadership and management, 7,5 credits

The professional life of an engineer includes many challenges that are not exclusively technical. In order to achieve optimal performance, an engineer working within an organisation must be able to understand and master management issues and combine the two skills. A successful engineer must know how to lead both people and processes in contexts such as product development. This course provides students with tools enabling them to contribute efficiently as engineers to an organisation in the capacity of team member, project leader or line manager, and consequently improve the results of the technological processes of the organisation. The aim of the course is to provide students with a broad understanding of different types of leadership, both within line and project management. Special emphasis will be placed on the interplay between engineering skills and management and business perspectives, in the intersection between technology and finance. On completion of the course, students are well prepared to develop and adapt their leadership skills to different situations.

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