Applied Artificial Intelligence

Programme course, 7,5 credits

  • Period : 2022-August-29 until 2022-October-30
  • Location: Karlskrona
  • Main field of study: Computer Science
  • Education level: A1N
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  • Language of instruction: The language of instruction is English.
  • Course code: DV2557
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Applied Artificial Intelligence, 7,5 credits

Applied Artificial Intelligence is a general AI course that both deals
with the history and development of the area artificial intelligent, and
the methods used in order to implement intelligent systems. It takes an
intelligent agent approach to AI and covers subjects such as: machine
learning, expert systems, genetic algorithms, agent technology,
robotics, and planning. The students will face practical excercises
within several of these subjects in order to get a broad view of the
application areas of AI. The course is also an important part in the
prerequisits for advanced courses in the area of AI, among them Adaptive
and Learning systems.

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