Software Architectures and Quality

Programme course, 7,5 credits

  • Period : 2023-October-30 until 2024-January-14
  • Location: Karlskrona
  • Type of instruction: On campus, day, part-time 50%
  • Main field of study: Software Engineering
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  • Education level: G1F
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Course code: PA1453
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Software Architectures and Quality, 7,5 credits

Software Architecture is an important technical concept in modern large-scale software development that serves several purposes: planning development resources; analyzing the problem domain from multiple perspectives using the architectural views; and abstracting big amounts of information to obtain a useful overview of the system.
In addition, the architecture and the decisions on how to construct architecture are a key component to plan and achieve a certain level of quality in a system, which thereby determines how successful the system will be.
In the course the students are expected to obtain detailed knowledge about software architectures and software quality and the effects software architectures and architectural decisions have on the qualities of the software product under development.
The students will acquire understanding about how to: i) document software architectures of existing systems; ii) construct software architectures based on modern methods and ideas such as architecture styles and patterns and tactics, by considering the intended product, the surrounding technology and the developing organization; iii) discuss the suitability of a software architecture for a specific software product in a specific context using facts as basis.

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