Master of Science Programme in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Telecommunication Systems

It is no longer possible to apply to this option

  • Period : 2018-September-03 until 2020-June-07
  • Location: Karlskrona
  • Type of instruction: On campus, day, full-time
  • Language of instruction: The teaching language is English.
  • Programme syllabus: Download

Welcome letter

If you want to learn more about future communications systems, this programme is for you. It mainly focuses on future communications networks and the problems and challenges these will entail.

The programme deals with issues affecting computer networks, the internet, mobile systems, cloud communications, software defined networks (SDN), user-perceived service quality (QoE), network-based services and research methodology. You will acquire the knowledge necessary for qualified development work within the industry and a basis for research studies through technical knowledge and analytical skills. You will meet and collaborate with researchers within telecommunication systems and acquire a good understanding of the field.

The programme consists of 120 credits and leads to a two-year Master’s degree.


[chart width=”400px” height=”400px”  test=”test” type=”doughnut” legend=”true”] [data label=”Methods 37,5 credits” value=”37.5″ color=”#0C50A0″ highlight=”#6D96C6″][data label=”Thesis 30 credits” value=”30″ color=”#00817A” highlight=”#66B3AF”] [data label=”Network 30 credits” value=”30″ color=”#7CC04B” highlight=”#B0D993″] [data label=”Services 22,5 credits” value=”22.5″ color=”#9F44BE” highlight=”#C58FD8″] [/chart]

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