Arrival and Orientation Week

Arrival and Orientation Week

Train and Bus: For the students who take train from Copenhagen
More information can be found at the link below:

Local Bus Cards: 
There are multiple bus cards available and you can choose one of them based on the requirements:

1) Travel Card : This card is an excellent choice for those who do not travel very often. You can recharge this card with any amount of money, but at least 100 SEK. Then you can use the card for payment of bus and railway tickets in large parts of southern Sweden. Always with 20% discount on the fare.

2) Daily Travel Card: For the students who travel often, this card can be really useful. With it, you get 30 days of free travel within the city, the municipality, the region or county of your choice. For travel in Karlskrona costs 425 SEK and Ronneby- 645 SEK.

3) Leisure Travel Card: If you travel a most in the evenings and weekends then try this card. This allows you unlimited travel by bus and train for 30 days during weekday evenings between the hours of 17-4, and weekends. During Saturday and Sunday valid card from Friday 17:00 to Monday at 4:00.

The local bus cards are available in the buses and blekingetrafiken office or visit:
Sim Cards: After your arrival please contact the ESN Office for Sim Cards. There is a free SIM card waiting for you and you can use it during your stay in Sweden.

If you like to know more about Karlskrona, you can visit to know more about local events and activities.

ESN Card: we have membership card which works in whole Europe, it cost between 20-30 Swedish Kronor (we just waiting for price confirmation) and you can use lots of discounts in your home country. Please visit and find more details.

Baltic region Trips: there are lots of trips in Baltic region waiting for you and your friends to join, we prepare it for you and hope you will like it.

Welcome week: we plan lots of activity for welcome week for you, it is mainly free but some of them cost 10-15 Euro but it is amazing, fun, adventurous and ice breaker between all of you.

Contact Details: (ESN-BTH Representatives)

Bahram Ghandchi (President)

Number: +46 – (0)769648837


Sukesh Kumar Tedla (Vice- President)

Number:+46 – (0)727322166