Career after Master’s in Industrial Economics and Management

Your career after graduation

The Master’s Programme in Industrial Economics and Management is designed with you in mind. We aim to build upon your previous technical knowledge as foundation as you progress with your study. The skills and competences you develop will enable you to take on a career path in various roles, where technical knowledge goes hand in hand with business and organisation.

Upon graduation, you can pursue your career among these professional roles, such as the following:

  • Business analyst: You can assist the management team in providing vital analysis to improve products or business processes with your expertise in both business and technology.
  • Entrepreneur: Through your creativity and business acumen, you can turn ideas on a drawing board to reality. With both technical and business knowledge combined, you will be able to draft a solid business plan, financial and investment analysis, and product development and production plans to pitch for financing from a venture capital or a bank.
  • Project leader: You can utilise the tools and skills from the programme to plan, coordinate, and monitor complex industrial projects while mitigating risks and under cost, time, and quality constraints.
  • Product developer: Bringing a product to market is not an easy task. But with the knowledge from our programme, you will learn how to best use innovative methods to plan and develop a new product and service.
  • Consultant: Your expertise in both business and technology will come in handy in analysing and creating solutions to complex problems many firms are facing.
  • Researcher: Deepen your knowledge further and you can specialise in the research field of your interest. Close the gap and expand the frontier of scientific discovery.
  • Manager: You can use various strategies to maintain the competitiveness of technical and knowledge-intensive enterprises and industries.
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