Master of Science Programme in Software Engineering

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  • Period : 2018-September-03 until 2020-June-07
  • Location: Karlskrona
  • Type of instruction: On campus, day, full-time
  • Language of instruction: The teaching language is English.
  • Programme syllabus: Download

Welcome letter

The programme meets the complex challenges facing the software developers of the future. This is achieved through education and training in advanced concepts within software technology, covering the entire sequence of development.

The Master´s programme in Software Engineering prepares you to develop software that addresses many of the challenges of the modern world. You will learn how to build products using emerging technologies such as the cloud, smart networks and the internet of things. MSc in Software Engineering students are people who want to become software architects and leaders of development teams. The programme provides you with the qualifications required to apply for software engineering positions in world-leading companies and opens the door towards software engineering research.

The Master´s programme in Software Engineering introduces you to the dynamic development of scalable, secure, reliable and high-performance software that delivers great user experience. By drawing on the lecturers’ industry and research experiences, you will develop the skills to plan, design and develop software, to manage local and global projects, and to evaluate the real-world impact of your software. For future software engineers, the programme provides a supportive environment where you can experiment with your own ideas for software. Internship opportunities offered by companies will prepare you for work in the industry. For future researchers, the programme offers a guided experience of doing authentic research. The BTH environment will connect you with leading researchers who will inspire you.

The programme consists of 120 credits and leads to a two-year Master´s degree.


On completion of the programme, students will be awarded the second cycle degree
Master of Science (120 credits). Main field of study: Software Engineering


[chart width=”400px” height=”400px”  test=”test” type=”doughnut” legend=”true”] [data label=”Technology 45 credits” value=”45″ color=”#9F44BE” highlight=”#C58FD8″][data label=”Thesis 30 credits” value=”30″ color=”#00817A” highlight=”#66B3AF”][data label=”Process and Process Improvement 22,5 credits” value=”22.5″ color=”#7CC04B” highlight=”#B0D993″][data label=”Research Preparation 15 credits” value=”15″ color=”#0C50A0″ highlight=”#6D96C6″][data label=”Software Quality 7,5 credits” value=”7.5″ color=”#F38130″ highlight=”#F7A76E”][/chart]

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