Before your arrival

  • Make arrangements for your housing.
  • Pay the first instalment of your tuition fee (if required) after receiving the Notification of Selection Results and welcome letter from BTH.
  • Apply for residence permit (if required) as soon as you have received the Notification of Selection Results.
  • Remember to bring your European insurance card (for European students).
  • Be sure to check your email to get information for your student account.
  • Bring your VISA/Master card or Travel card.
  • Bring your original documents (diploma and transcripts).
  • Check arrival and enrolment dates for your educational programme. NOTE! Each programme is different, so please follow the instruction for your study programme given in the welcome letter from BTH or on the programme’s website carefully.
  • If you are not able to arrive at BTH within the deadline for arrival for your programme, you must contact the department in order to keep your study place. If you arrive late, you will find contact information in your welcome letter or on the programme’s website.

Upon your arrival

  • Register in the Student Portal and make sure you find your courses in the e-learning platform Canvas.
  • Get your BTH card at the reception desk.
  • Read the folder “Welcome to BTH” (pdf). You can also get the folder at the reception desk.
  • If required, show your original documents (for example if you have conditional admission) at the reception desk.
  • Apply for a Swedish social personal number at the Swedish Tax Agency in order to get national registration (only for students who have a residence permit valid for more than one year).
  • Remember to sign the accommodation contract and pick up your key at your housing company.
  • Attend available welcome meetings.
  • Note! Some of the administrative procedures may be different for Erasmus students. More information for these students will be provided by the international coordinators.

Going back home

  • Complete your degree project! When your degree project has been graded, you have to register your project details in BTH’s degree project archive, DiVA. Your final grade cannot be registered until this has been done.
  • Apply for your degree certificate! When you have completed your studies at BTH you may fulfil the requirements for a degree certificate. Please use the degree certificate application form.
  • Terminate your accommodation and internet lease! The notice period is usually three months. If you forget to end your lease in time, or if you go home earlier than planned you will still have to pay rent for a minimum of three months.
  • Do not forget to clean your apartment and book a room inspection with your landlord before terminating your accommodation lease! If you leave your apartment without cleaning it you will be billed for the additional costs.
  • Close your bank account! If you have opened a bank account upon arrival, please notify your bank about your departure and close your account in time.
  • Register for emigration at the tax office (only for students with a Swedish personal identity number: “personnummer”). You will find the emigration form at the Swedish Tax Agency. More information at