Corona virus update

Information concerning the corona virus

This information is updated  29 September.

General advice

Everyone has a personal responsibility to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. You have to think about how you can avoid getting infected and how you can avoid infecting others. Follow the national general guidelines on the Public Health Agency’s web site.

On September 29, the general guidelines for reducing the spread of COVID-19 will be repealed. However, the pandemic is still ongoing and for people who have not been vaccinated, there are continued restrictions that apply, i.e keep their distance and avoid close contact with people in risk groups.

Testing and infection tracing

  • Study the information on the Public Health Agency’s web site regarding COVID-19 testing.
  • We recommend that you inform your nearest line manager or programme manager if being infected.

Prevent rumours

  • Help prevent the spreading of rumours and speculation. Seek credible sources, be source critical and do not share uncertain information. See below links to our authorities.

Keep updated

Students and staff are asked to follow this page, which is updated frequently and to follow the information on the Public Health Agency.

Corona issues

Please contact Caroline Åkeborn if you have corona related questions,

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