Information for students

Information for students

BTH has decided the following for the students. However, this may change if circumstances require. Please, visit these information pages regularly.

Student contact

If you have corona related questions, you are welcome to contact the Student Union’s vice chairman:

This applies to students autumn 2021

There is still great uncertainty about how teaching will be conducted in the autumn of 2021.

We will work based on the following assessments:

  • We estimate that we can partly return to campus teaching in study period 1 (weeks 35-43). It will be a mixture of campus teaching and digital teaching.
  • All teaching in groups with over 30 students will be performed digitally.
  • Teaching for groups of a maximum of 30 students is preferably located on campus.
  • All students will have campus teaching but we will prioritize the novice students.

FAQ list
Specific information for newly admitted Master’s students aiming to start their studies by the autumn semester of 2021. See our FAQ for more information.

Vaccine against COVID-19

  • Students will get their COVID-19 vaccine through their health care center. Vaccine phase 4 (persons aged 18–59 who do not belong to a risk group) starts in May.
  • If you’re not registered in Blekinge, if you’re staying here temporarily or if you don’t have a Swedish social security number you still have the right to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in Blekinge. Use your passport as ID.
  • It is your own responsibility to contact a health center when it is your turn to be vaccinated. You will find more information in the preliminary vaccination plan. The vaccination against covid-19 is free.

Campus opening hours during 15 June-15 August

  • Karlskrona:
    The door to building A is open 08:00-13:00 (no BTH card is required) on weekdays until 15 August. All other campus doors are locked but staff and students can enter using their BTH card. This also applies to building A ouside opening hours.
    Building A is open 08:00-17:00. Outside opening hours you can enter using your BTH card.
    Building B is open only to students studying at Campus Karlshamn. Access with BTH card.


Online teaching

  • It is important that you are updated regarding your studies. You will find more information and tips about online studies and student support on the Student Portal.

Face masks for use at examination

  • Face masks, gloves and cleaner are available when examination is conducted. This is available upon request.

Computer rooms

  • Public computer rooms  are closed from 31 August. For the time being, there are no campus-based computers available for new students.
  • Students can access our computer rooms through remote connection, which means that they can connect from home to an individual computer at BTH and thus take advantage of the software available. More information on the Student Portal.

The Student Union

Exchange students