Information for students

Information for students

BTH has decided the following for the students. However, this may change if circumstances require. Please, visit these information pages regularly.

Student contact

If you have corona related questions, you are welcome to contact the Student Union’s vice chairman:

This applies to spring 2022


Teaching in study period 3 and 4

  • The teaching in study period 3 (weeks 3-12) will be in mixed form, on campus and digitally.
  • The teaching in study period 4 (weeks 13-22) will take place according to regular planning, i.e campus for campus-based programmes and courses.
  • International students are given the opportunity for digital teaching when it is not possible to follow teaching on campus.


Examination in study period 3 and 4

  • For study programmes with international students, the examination may be carried out in a form other than ordinary campus arrangements. In that case, the new examination form applies to all students on the course. Contact your course manager for more information.
  • There is information on Canvas what applies to all your courses.

Vaccination against Covid-19

If you are a new student who has just arrived in Sweden:

  • You can make an appointment here in the Blekinge Region to receive your first dose or second dose.
  • You can also make an appointment for the second or third dose here in the Blekinge Region. Bring some kind of verification that you have received the first or second dose(s).

How to make an appointment

Please, call a health care centre to make your appointment. The health care centre closest to BTH’s campus in Karlskrona is “Wämö vårdcentral”. See map and location here

Call +46 455 73 54 30. Telephone hours: 07:30-16:30 Monday-Friday.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate can only be issued to persons with a Swedish social security number. 


Face masks for use at examination and other occasions

  • Face masks, gloves and cleaner are available when needed.


  • Hand cleaner is available at all entrances.

Computer rooms

  • Public computer rooms will gradually re-open. Computer rooms available for students on Campus Karlskrona are H320, H321 and H322.
  • All other computer rooms are accessible through remote connection.

Online teaching

  • It is important that you are updated regarding your studies. You will find more information and tips about online studies and student support on the Student Portal.

The Student Union

  • The Student Union’s pub is open and the union’s activities now have normal opening hours.
  • Information from Blekinge Student Union

Exchange students

Do you have a question? Type it here and we will get back to you as soon as possible!