Information for staff

Information to staff

BTH management continuously monitors the corona outbreak and follows information from mainly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Public Health Authority.

We believe that our operations are not societal critical. Our staff are not in need of childcare in the event of a closure of schools.

Distance work

  • Working from home is recommended. This is planned in contact with your immediate manager.
  • In case of a suspected corona infection, stay at home. For example, if you have met someone who has a confirmed corona infection or if you have mild symptoms of respiratory infection. See more information on Vårdguiden 1177 Blekinge. Contact you nearest manager to discuss the possibility of working from home.

Sick report

  • Staff who are sick should report sick in accordance with normal routines and should not visit BTH’s campus.
  • Staff should not return to BTH´s campuses until at least two days after completely free from symptoms.

Business travel

  • No international business travels are granted.
  • National business travels should be avoided. All business trips must be granted by the nearest manager. Already granted business travels must be reconsidered. Travels between BTH’s campuses can be carried out.
  • As an alternative to business travels, digital meetings should to the greatest extent possible be conducted.
  • Travel to and from work is not covered by the above.
  • Staff abroad are urged to register on the Swedish list at UD for updated information from the embassy: Swedish list – Sweden abroad


  • External visits should be avoided. Manager will decide on upcoming visits and inform the BTH reception.

External staff

  • External staff, e.g. from cleaning companies and restaurants, working on BTH premises area asked not to visit BTH if they have a suspected corona infection or mild symptoms of respiratory infection.