Lärarlärdom konferens


Blekinge Institue of Technology, Campus Karlskrona, 15 August, 2019

In Swedish

Theme of the year: Room for Student Active Learning

The conference is directed at instructing teachers, education developers, librarians and at those who in some way are interested in developing their knowledge of education quality and higher education learning. The conference is a collaboration between Blekinge Institute of Technology, Kristianstad University and Malmö University. Read more about the purpose and the contents of the conference under the pictures below.

Aims and contents

Main purposes of the conference:

  • to offer a meeting place where teachers, study administrators, personnel of support functions, management and students’ unions can meet for qualified talks about education quality and learning
  • to create a forum that inspires to discussion and creation of knowledge of and around learning and teaching in higher educations and the conditions of these activities
  • to establish a platform for pedagogical merits which provides the teacher with an occasion to present her/his reflecting experience and documented knowledge of learning and teaching in higher education

Our teachers, researchers, doctoral students, study administrators and personnel in different support functions have throughout the years built solid knowledge and reflected experience in regard to learning in our subjects, teaching in our courses, support to our students and in regard to the conditions for successful learning at our higher education institutions. A number of our teachers have, furthermore, during the years carried out empirical studies in development projects and created important knowledge of student learning in courses and programmes.

During the later years, an increasingly bigger focus has been directed at the results of educational programmes. Issues regarding the quality of the teaching thus become central. To develop and support the pedagogical skills of teachers’ and illustrate the conditions for the teaching that is conducted in higher education is, thus, an urgent matter.

The need of a common meeting-point for pedagogical and didactic discussions where teachers and other personnel can meet and carry out these discussions together across boundaries of subjects and of higher education institutions is bigger than ever.

Through this conference about teaching and learning in higher education we want to offer the possibility to meet and share experiences of conducting high-quality education and teaching in different subject traditions and contexts, and illuminate possible conditions for learning and knowledge formation.

Conference contents

The conference is designed as a traditional academic conference with presentations of research- or development projects with subsequent discussions, roundtable talks regarding the supporting matters, best practice presentations based on reflected experiences, symposiums, a specially invited keynote speaker and a concluding panel discussion. Through your presentation, you will contribute to the joint teaching scholarship and it will become possible for the participants to take part of and develop the field of teaching and learning in higher education. After the conference, possibilities to publish a complete paper in the conference proceedings will be given.

Contact information

Christina Vesterlund Hansson (BTH)
e-post: christina.vesterlund.hansson@bth.se
Telefon: 0455-38 58 62

Åse Nygren (BTH)
e-post: ase.nygren@bth.se
Telefon: 0455-38 53 53

Stefan Larsson (HKR)
e-post: stefan.larsson@hkr.se
Telefon: 044-20 80 51

Claes Dahlqvist (HKR)
e-post: claes.dahlqvist@hkr.se
Telefon: 044-25 03 054


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