Learning facilities

Learning facilities


At the BTH campuses there are up-to-date lecture rooms with all necessary equipment. Furthermore, students have accessibility to equipped laboratories to perform assignments. For example, students at the Mechanical engineering programme have access to a laboratory with machines like in a proper workshop, and there is also a studio for students at the Spatial planning programme.

There are group rooms as well as silent study rooms available for all BTH students.

When the student has obtained an identification card, a BTH Card, he or she gets access to the computer rooms at our campuses. The BTH Card is used as the door key to the computer rooms which are available for BTH students during all hours Monday through Sunday.

There is a possibility for all BTH students to use their own lap-tops by using the wireless Internet all over the campuses.

Library and E-learning

The library offers a wide range of books and magazines and it is open for visits during weekdays. Professional staff is available during office hours when the students need assistance in for example searching for information and printed material.

Please note that the course literature and other books are usually only available in limited numbers. Therefore, every student is supposed to arrange for his or her own course literature.

In addition to the books in the library, there is also a great number of e-books. These are accessible for BTH students through the BTH library’s database.

The BTH library has several services for the students, including the Learning Lab.

Accessibility for students with special needs

BTH’s campus facilities are accessible for people with special needs. For example, students and staff using wheelchairs can easily move around in the facilities.