Main structure of the preliminary study programme year

Mechanical Engineering

Students from SSPU and KUST going to BTH can choose among the courses below. (7.5 credits for each course)


Compulsory courses

Study period 1

MT1470, Applied Solid Mechanics, 7.5 credits, Mechanical engineering, basic level, G2F

MT1438, Computer Aided Design, 7.5 credits, Mechanical engineering, basic level, G2F

Study period 2

MT1490, Project course for exchange students, 7.5 credits, Mechanical engineering, basic level, G2F

Study period 3

MT1488, Technical Communication for Engineers, 7.5 credits, Mechanical engineering, basic level, G1N

Study period 4

MT1430, Bachelor’s Thesis in Mechanical engineering, 15 credits, Mechanical engineering, basic level, G2E

Optional courses

Study period 1 (One optional course, 7.5 credits, should be taken)

MA1437, Differential Equations with Lie Group Analysis, 7.5 credits, Mathematic, basic level, G1F

MT2546, Creativity for Product- and Service Development, 7.5 credits, Mechanical engineering, advanced level, A1N

EN1411, English for International students: Text Production, 7.5 credits, English, basic level, G1F

SV0010, Introduction to Swedish, level 1, 7.5 credits, preparatory level

Study period 4

MS1411 Mathematical statistics, 7.5 credits, basic level, G1F


4.2 The study plan above may be revised on a yearly basis in writing before December 31st the year prior to the anticipated change.

4.3 Every individual student participating in the present exchange shall present a learning agreement listing all courses (when applicable, including the final degree project) to be taken at the receiving institution, signed by duly appointed person(s) at the student’s home institution. In case of changes in the study plan during the exchange period, a revised learning agreement shall be issued and signed by the duly appointed person(s) at both institutions.

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