Big data in focus for researchers and industry

Bigdata2_475An important part of BTH’s research is about creating efficient systems for the analysis of large amounts of data, known as big data. During two days around 30 researchers and seven companies have met to discuss research in the field, future challenges and collaborations.

“Big data” is an area of great importance in today’s society, given the extent to which we depend on computers and well-functioning software. The amount of data collected in recent years has increased exponentially. More and more companies attach sensors to their products that constantly collects data. People interact more and more digitally when registering everything from how we eat and sleep to how we exercise. Big data and data science is about how to process, analyse and ultimately extract knowledge from these large amounts of complex data.

In 2014, the research project Scalable resource-efficient systems for big data analytics started at BTH. The research is mainly conducted in four areas; data analysis for decision support, analysis methods for image processing, core technologies and implementation techniques. It is a six-year project funded by the Knowledge Foundation and is carried out in cooperation with nine companies, including Ericsson, Telenor and Sony Mobile Communications. During two days in September, more than 20 researchers and companies met to discuss future challenges and collaborations. The main speaker at the meeting was Professor Paul Davidsson at Malmö University, previous a BTH emplyee. During the meeting, various aspects of the big data research were highlighted.

BTH has also decided to launch Sweden’s first master of science in engineering programme in data science, which will start in autumn 2018 in which company cooperation is a key part. Students who have graduated from this study programme will be able to give companies valuable and relevant skills in this field.

8 September 2016