The BTH and Andhra University cooperation is now extended by five years as the Vice-Chancellors at the two higher education institutions sign a new agreement.

Andhra University in India offers a four-year Bachelor of Technology programme in collaboration with Blekinge Institute of Technology in the areas of i) Electronics and Communications Engineering, ii) Computer Science Engineering and iii) Mechanical Engineering at Andhra University College of Engineering.

The students enrolled in the programme will undertake a mandatory study of one year at BTH after studying three years of education at Andhra University and two year optional educational at relevant master’s programmes offered by BTH.

The students that have successfully undertaken the education of full four years of studies, i.e., three years, at Andhra University and one year at BTH, receives a four-year Bachelor of Technology degree from Andhra University and a degree of “teknologie kandidatexamen” translated as  Bachelor of Science from Blekinge Institute of Technology.

BTH promotes international student mobility as an important part of the University’s educational programmes.

The present agreement that was signed today opens for BTH students within the area of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Software Engineering  to participate in up to one-year mobility period at Andhra University.

Faculty mobility
The agreement also states both the parties shall encourage to have faculty mobility for teaching purposes, between the universities connecting to the educational programmes. In this regard, both parties shall aim to make a joint application to the funding agencies / external agencies in the mutual interest.

25 June 2019

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