BTH professor is honoured in well-reputed scientific journal

BTH professor Claes Wohlin is honoured in the international scientific journal Information and Software Technology. It is his solid work as editor of the journal and his contributions to software engineering research that is highlighted in a special issue. At the same time, he is appointed the journal’s first editor emeritus.

Information and Software Technology is the international archival journal focusing on research and experience that contributes to the improvement of software development practices. The journal’s scope includes methods and techniques to better engineer software and manage its development.

BTH professor Claes Wohlin has been the editor-in-chief of the journal since 2002 and in 2015 he became responsible for the  journal’s special issues.

Now this spring, Information and Software Technology is making a virtual special issue in honour of Claes Wohlin’s solid work as editor of the journal and his major contribution to software engineering research as a whole. His research is highlighted as a good balance between “theory, application and evaluation”. He also focuses on how to “facilitate the transfer of research results to industry”.

–It is absolutely incredible that 17 years have passed since I started my work with the journal. It’s wonderful that the publisher and my successors want to honour me this way, says Claes Wohlin.

Professor Laurie Williams of North Carolina State University in the United States, and one of the editors of the journal, expresses her appreciation for Claes Wohlin’s work as follows:

–Thank you so much for all you have done for this journal and our profession, Claes.  You are the epitome of dedication, organization, and professionalism in addition to being an amazing scholar.

Wohlin has, among other things, been a supervisor for 24 doctoral students in the field, and seven of his former doctoral students are currently working as professors at various universities. The special issue contains a selected article for each of the doctoral students who today are professors.

Here is the special issue with an introduction written by editor-in-chief professor Günther Ruhe.

24 January 2019