BTH receives funding to develop new human-centered visual and interactive systems

Blekinge Institute of Technology has been granted funding by the KK Foundation to conduct a research project, ViaTecH, with the goal of developing visual and interactive systems in which the human and the experience are at the center.

The project will last for four years with a total budget of around SEK 30 million. The KK Foundation, the companies and BTH accounts for one third each.

It is within the KK Foundation’s Synergy programme that BTH gets money for four years to conduct research – in collaboration with industry – with the goal of developing new visual and interactive applications where human beings are at the center, which also provides both high user quality and user experience.

-We are today in a new era where both enhanced and virtual reality are used to improve the way we communicate with each other, says Mats Waltré, programme manager at the KK Foundation. The applications for this kind of applications and systems will therefore be broad.

Research in the ViaTecH project will concern the following three areas: the psychological and physical basics of how we perceive quality, interfaces between human – machines and questions about the type of network that best suits these types of new systems. The project will involve different skills and researchers at BTH. The research will also be conducted in co-production with industry. The researchers are also involved in the Master and Bachelor programmes at BTH.

-We need to work close with the university and a number of other industry partners to meet the competition, says Per-Ola Carlsson, CEO at WIP. The goal is to benefit from the project in the development of our product. Enhanced reality, virtual reality and mixed reality are absolutely paramount when we see what needs our customers have, from industry to retail.

-Ericsson has great interest in visual and interactive systems, which will be used over 5G networks in the future, says Jörgen Gustafsson, research manager at Ericsson Research. ViaTecH is highly relevant to Ericsson, especially experienced quality for new visual and interactive systems and how the network affects quality.

-Combining eye tracking with VR grows as a research method, and the demand for the technology is constantly increasing from academy and industry. As a supplier of tools for studying human behaviour, it becomes obvious to collaborate with the university. ViaTecH gives us the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of how eye tracking can be used to understand behaviours and visual experience in virtual reality, says Tom Englund, Business Area Manager at Tobii Pro.

-Axis main interest in the research project concerns subjective assessment of image and video quality as well as scene understanding, that is to say, to automatically provide the ability to customise the video stream to make it as useful as possible for different purposes, says Johan Paulsson, CTO at Axis.

The purpose of the KK Foundation’s Synergy programme is to be a tool for higher education institutions that want to focus the focus on research within a well-defined and relevant business area.

17 January 2018

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