BTH research receives international attention

Fredrik Erlandsson’s research on how easy it is to retrieve information on social media has gained much attention in international press.

The New York Times has written an interesting article on his computer science research, “Scholars Have Data on Millions of Facebook Users. Who’s Guarding It?”

In his research, Fredrik Erlandsson has collected 280 million public posts from Facebook. It includes 35 billion “likes” and five billion comments from 700 million users. The amount of data is the largest collection of data from Facebook. Research allows for multiple applications. The methods can be used to map views groupings and to identify influential people who can spread widely. Examples of such spread are so-called “fake news” or campaigns such as #metoo.

– It’s important to reflect and to be restrictive of what you like and comment on social media – it’s surprisingly easy to collect data from open groups, says Fredrik Erlandsson.

9 May 2018