BTH researcher gets award for warehouse intervention

Andrea Gimeno Sánchez, PhD student in spatial planning, received the “Bauwelt Award” for an emergency intervention work on a warehouse in Valencia, Spain. It is the German magazine, Bauwelt Magazine, that award a prize to the architectural office for the best first built work.

The competition is open to architects and city planners from all over the world. The prize is given to the best “first built work” and can apply to everything from interior design to larger housing projects or temporary work.

Andrea Gimeno Sánchez, who is a trained architect, works at the design cooperative Rellam and this young architectural office receives the prize for a commission they received from the city of Valencia in Spain. It concerned a large warehouse in Valencia that was decaying and the architectural office’s task was to come up with a proposal for renovation. It is this effort to save the warehouse which is now praised by the “Bauwelt Award”.

See their winning concept

15 May 2019