BTH researchers successful at Design conference 2018


Researchers Sophie Hallstedt, Alessandro Bertoni and Matilda Watz were recognized at the Design Conference 2018 in Dubrovnik. Their research articles were awarded the prize “Reviewers’ Favorite” and ended up on the top list of submitted contributions.

The 15th International Design Conference, recently conducted in Dubrovnik, deals mainly with product development and innovation. Part of this vast area is sustainable product development and value-driven design, which are the areas in which the three BTH researchers Sophie Hallstedt, Matilda Watz and Alessandro Bertoni are active in.

The BTH researchers submitted several research articles to the conference and two of them ended up on the Top 15 list – in competition with several hundred contributions. The articles will be published in the Journal of Engineering Design, which serves as the archival venue of science-based design knowledge across multiple disciplines.

After hard review, one of the BTH researchers’ articles was considered so good that it was awarded the “Outstanding Contribution” award, which means that it was one of the three best articles which was given the highest score in the review.

– It feels very satisfying to get this price. This shows that our research is of high quality, says Sophie Hallstedt, associate professor at BTH.

5 June 2018