BTH solves IT and library problems at the University of Rwanda

When the university in Rwanda was transformed, the IT environment was far from optimal for students and staff. BTH has been working closely with the university to develop their IT environment since 2003. BTH has also contributed to the development of an IT-based research library.

The former National University of Rwanda merged with six other higher institutes in 2013 and formed today’s University of Rwanda. A major problem for the new university was the IT environment, which was far from optimal: there were several system suppliers, a lot of network interference and no integrated IT environment or service.

Since 2003, BTH’s IT department has collaborated with the African University and its collaboration intensified in 2013 when the need for IT skills was increased.

Björn Mattsson at BTH’s IT department has participated throughout the Sida-founded project and has been in Rwanda on several occasions.

-Previously, their IT resources were outsourced, so we’ve helped them build an integrated IT infrastructure and provide them with knowledge about how to offer IT services and how to organize an IT department, he says.

The colleagues from the University of Rwanda believe that the collaboration with BTH has been more than valuable.

-The result of the collaboration is that we now have a completely new set-up in our IT environment. They have given us technical expertise and have been a partner to us in the planning of reorganizing the IT environment. BTH has been a mentor, says Eric Ngilinshuti, System Administrator at the University of Rwanda.

Over the past two weeks, four system administrators from Rwanda have been in place at BTH to study how to get better stability in IT systems by creating local clouds, called virtualization.

BTH has also collaborated with the University of Rwanda in the creation of an IT-based research library.
-BTH has a good digital library with large electronic resources and we have been working on introducing this to the university in Rwanda. A well-functioning library is one of the foundations of a university, says Anna Stockman, BTH librarian, who was done a great deal of this work.

Both Björn Mattsson and Anna Stockman agree that the cooperation with the University of Rwanda has been very rewarding also for them.
-We have faced many different situations that we needed to solve, and we have been forced to reflect on what we do. That have been very valuable to us.

29 March 2018