BTH researchers in China on a material forming symposium

A delegation of researchers from, among others, BTH, Lund University, Swerea IVF, Tetra Pak and Volvo Cars discussed sustainable material forming in the car and packaging industry at a week-long visit to China. The symposium was organized by BTH, Shanghai Polytechnic University and Kunming University of Science and Technology.

BTH Professor Sharon Kao-Walter and her research team have for many years worked on applying advanced strength theory and calculation methods to understand the behavior of packaging materials during the forming and opening processes. Tetra Pak has so far financed two industry PH D students in the field, which has led to the project becoming part of the research environment Model Driven Development and Decision Support at BTH.

Volvo Cars is also included in the research group. Their focus is on reducing lead time in the production of sheet metal tools. Volvo Cars is financing an industry PhD student and an associate university lecturer. The project is also part of a larger project within VINNOVA’s program “FFI – Sustainable Production”. Both companies are well-established in China, which led to the idea of ​​organizing a symposium with a view to exchanging experiences, but also creating opportunities for cooperation with Chinese colleagues. Both representatives of companies and universities who participated in the symposium fully agreed on the importance of cooperation.

– This is the first time I and my colleagues are organizing a symposium, in a country other than Sweden, with several partners from universities and companies invited. The success demonstrated opportunities for international collaborations involving both universities and companies from different countries, says Professor Sharon Kao-Walter, who initiated the symposium.

One of the participating companies was Swerea:

– I was very inspired by the close collaboration BTH has created with teachers, students and researchers at the universities of Shanghai and Kunming. The trip also provided space for R & D discussions, both with researchers at these universities and within the Swedish delegation, said Boel Wadman, Swerea.

24 April 2018