BTH team qualified for the final in international competition

The team from BTH and two German teams, the University of Hamburg and Hamburg University of Technology, have been selected to qualify to the final of the Port Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (PEMA) Student Challenge competition, to take place at TOC Europe in Rotterdam on June 14.

The team from BTH consists of four students, all studying computer science. The teams which qualified to the final were chosen from over 200. The BTH team consists of Aniruddh Goteti, Sumeesha Marakani, Uttejh Reddy and Amit Kabra.

With a strong focus on reducing the environmental impact of ports, teams were tasked with drawing on existing technologies such as shore power and green energy to propose a sustainable, yet economically competitive solution.

Having qualified through the first stage of the competition, the top three teams will now develop their original concepts to a complete proposal to present to the TOC Europe general assembly at the live final. The Student Challenge live final will be held on June 14.

23 May 2018