European security project finale

Since 2013, BTH has been responsible for a European cooperation project in educating the next-generation cyber experts to prevent digital threats and attacks. Last week, the project ended with workshops and seminars at BTH for the participating seven countries.

As IT dependency in the world is getting stronger, the vulnerability to digital threats and attacks also increases. Specialists need to be able to prevent, detect and fix problems and prevent cybercrime or computer-based systems.

A specially developed master’s degree programme that educates these specialists was created a few years ago. The education is a result of the EU-supported cooperation project Educating the next generation of cyber security experts, including 22 participating organizations from seven countries; Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia and Greece and Germany. Responsible for the project is BTH.

The project has now reached its final goal and the participants met in mid November at BTH to participate in various workshops and to discuss the results achieved.

28 November 2017

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