Kulvarong Kijtanasopa is The Global Swede 2018

Today, the BTH student Kulvarong Kijtanasopa has been appointed Global Swede at a ceremony in Stockholm. Kulvarong Kijtanasopa receives the award for her passion for sustainability issues.

Today, 23 international students at Swedish universities have been attended by the Global Swede 2018 ceremony. The ceremony took place in Stockholm where among others, Minister for EU Affairs and Trade Minister Ann Linde and Swedish Institute Director General Annika Rembe participated.

The arrangement is part of the Swedish Institute’s work with alumni and to build important long-term relationships with international students in Sweden. It is for the eighth consecutive year that the Global Swede ceremony is being conducted.

The purpose of the Global Swede ceremony is to pay attention to foreign students and their importance as ambassadors for Sweden. To enthusiastically and engage students to maintain the relationship with Sweden and their university after graduated studies. To encourage them to act as ambassadors for their country’s relations with Sweden, as a potential resource for Swedish business in place in their home country, and not least as ambassadors for Sweden as a destination for higher education.

The student Kulvarong Kijtanasopa, from Thailand, who studies the Master’s Programme in Strategic Leadership for Sustainability, receives the award with the following motivation:

”Deeply passionate about advancing solutions for a vibrant, sustainable future, Kulvarong Kijtanasopa has shown herself to be both an excellent student in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability and an active member of the programme’s global community. She consistently contributes insights from her experience as an international citizen. Highly collaborative and inclusive, she stands out as an example of the quality of leadership the world needs to tackle our most pressing challenges.”


8 May 2018