Online seminar in mathematics

BTH has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ufa State Aviation Technical University in Russia. The idea in this cooperation has been to develop courses in mathematics at mater´s level, for example, MOOC courses. The cooperation gives students at BTH and Russia the possibility to exchange experiences and knowledge, in this case in areas such as differential equations with Lie group analysis.

Recently a seminar was held on a master ´s work “Construction of solutions of gas dynamic equations by the method of conservation lawsthat has been done in this cooperation.

This is a good example of internationalization that creates value both for the university and the students, says Professor Tobias Larsson, also dean of the Faculty of Engineering at BTH. To have exchanges at this level means that we benefit from the expertise we have on teachers’ side, as well as the link to our research.


27 May 2015

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