Research at BTH laid the foundation for success

Two former BTH researchers in applied signal processing – Fredric Lindström and Christian Schüldt – started Limes Audio, a company focusing on speech enhancement. Now, Limes Audio joins Google.

Limes Audio was founded in 2007 and focuses on speech enhancement. The company has developed an acoustic echo cancellation software called TrueVoice which is used in e.g. deskphones, speaker phones and microphones. The software removes disturbing echoes and noise. It is this technology that made Google buy the company in order to use the technology in their products.

– I am happy and proud of this confirmation of our earlier research relevance and pleased with their success, says professor Ingvar Claesson at BTH.

The founders of Limes Audio both received their doctorate in applied signal processing at BTH.

17 January 2017

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