Students from BTH helps Ericsson work more efficiently

-The possibility of studying, and at the same time practice what you’ve learned, at a company like Ericsson, that gives a perfect combination of academics and real work experience, says Hannes Alm, currently studying web programming.

Hannes is one of ten students doing a group project at Ericsson. They are studying at the Bachelor programme in Software Engineering and Web programming. The project is the final degree project, and it finishes off their studies at BTH.

The project in itself is to create a web based application for Ericsson’s internal and external needs. The application is enabling different types of user tests, prototype demos and enables them to collect feedback about usability or design.

-Almost everywhere at Ericsson, the different interfaces are shifting drastically from old fashioned to modern web-based, says Shiva Abdi Farzaneh Pour, System Manager at Ericsson.

Today, to verify the UI prototypes or early sketches/mockups, user testing has to be performed manually with many different participants. In preparation for these manual tests, a lot of planning is required. During the test itself, both video and audio capturing and recording of the result is necessary.

Foto: Anders Eriksson

Now this can be done much easier by an interactive web tool where a team can upload their design or snapshots; build different usability tests and ask remote users to connect. They carry out their test while the test tool captures the user data. The pattern of clicks and answers enables a deeper analysis, says Shiva.

The test portal will provide different features. For example, the five second test. This test aims to determine if a design efficiently communicates the essence of a site, or not.

Another test is the click test. This examines if the user can understand where to find a special piece of data complete his goal. It allows the designer to evaluate whether the navigation is easy and understandable or not. There is the question test, with questions on how easy it is to find certain types of information, or how a brand performs.

The project runs as a part-time work in combination with other courses, from February to end of May, which is a setup that is a appreciated by the students.

-I really get to use the skills that I have learned during my education, says Daniel Johansson, studying Software Engineering at BTH.
-Most evidently when it comes to programming, but also in terms of methodology and working in teams. That is crucial at a company like Ericsson, Daniel says.


20 March 2018