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Every year a job fair is arranged by the Student Union at BTH. This is a brilliant opportunity for students to meet and talk to company representatives and for the companies to recruit students.

This year 21 companies from all over southern Sweden were represented at the job fair on BTH campus in Karlskrona. Students and exhibitors crowded among the displays this day. The ICT and engineering sector is screaming for skilled labour and the job fair at BTH is a place where everyone can meet and connect.

One company that participated in the job fair is Roxtec – a company working with sealing solutions for cables and pipes on land, at sea and underground. Roxtec has customers in more than 80 markets around the world, and has 25 subsidiaries, but is based in Karlskrona. They are looking for engineers from both the three-year and five-year engineering programmes at BTH.

The job fair gives students and prospective employers multiple opportunities to connect and discuss job opportunities and possible degree projects, but it also gives BTH valuable contacts with future partners.

The job fair is organized by Blekinge Student Union and is financed by the Blekinge Student Region.


11 March 2018

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