Conference on laboratory work over the Internet

About 30 scientists from different countries around the world get together at BTH this week to discuss, develop and evaluate courses where students make laboratory work over the Internet using a web browser.

Virtual front panels and a virtual breadboard which appears on the student’s computer, making it possible to control the physical equipment. The student gets the impression of being in a real laboratory. BTH has since several years a remote controlled laboratory which students worldwide can use. The remote controlled laboratory is developed by BTH and is called VISIR “Virtual Instruments Systems In Reality”.

– VISIR gives students the opportunity to perform any number of physical experiments, laboratory work, in a time and place that suits them. Today, thousands of students worldwide use VISIR and more VISIR labs are planned, says Ingvar Gustavsson, who in 2015 got the “GOLC Online Laboratory Award” because his work with VISIR.

The scientists who is meeting on BTH this week come from Portugal, Spain, Austria, Brasil, Argentina and Sweden. During three days they will workshop and discuss how remoted controlled laboratory can be developed. The project is funded by the Erasmus program called “Capacity building for higher education”.

2 February 2016