Grant from The Swedish Research Council

BTH has received more than 4 million SEK from the Swedish Research Council to develop new ways of testing software for quality improvement. It is a breakthrough for the field of software engineering to now receiving funds for basic research.

Software is a key part of our modern society and we need both theoretical understanding and practical tools that can ensure that it has sufficient quality. It has proved to be difficult to find theories and practical tools for this.

Researcher Robert Feldt at Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, now receives funding from the Swedish Research Council to develop methods for efficient software testing with the help of information theory.

– Information theory is a kind of applied mathematics for information and the basis for our modern communication society. We will study how to use information theory to make software testing, which today are often vague and subjective, more efficient, says Professor Robert Feldt.

The grant from the Research Council will allow researchers at BTH to conduct a project over four years where the goal is to develop methods for efficient software testing as well as examining how the information theoretical analysis methods that are developed can be generalized to areas other than testing.

– The project thus has significant potential to create a transformative effect on Software Engineering and give it a more precise and scientific basis, says Robert Feldt.

BTH´s applied research in software engineering has for many years been at the top in Sweden but it is strategically important to now also attract funding for basic research.

– I have worked with software testing and quality together with Swedish companies for many years and know where the real problems are and the need for general solutions. There is no contradiction between practice and basic research. They can support each other. The grant from the Swedish Research Council will enable us to take on an urgent problem, says Robert Feldt.

3 February 2016