Workshop Plan – Additive Manufacturing Assessment

On October 4th 2017 the STOSIP team (Sophie, Jesko, Matilda, Tita and Carolina) met to plan and test a workshop about: “Sustainability Assessment for Additive Manufacturing – AM”, which will be used during GKN Training Days in Trollhättan on October 18th. The workshop is part of the STOSIP project, its main purpose is to analyze a process from a sustainability perspective involving AM experts. It will be a 3 hours workshop, with the participation of Johanna Wallin Nylander (team member at GKN) with a small introduction to the Sustainability concepts and next the facilitators will use the template for Strategic Life Cycle Assessment – SLCA.

The SLCA template analyze the complete product life cycle through the lens of the ecological (Sustainability Principles SPs 1-3), social (SPs 4-8), and economic perspective. The idea is to have different teams for the different AM processes that GKN uses. The outcome of this workshop will be a good starting point to identify sustainability hotspots in the process and to trigger thoughts of solutions for these into the AM processes.

First an agenda was introduced, next a literature review of additive manufacturing assessment was presented, with the objective to have a topic background.  After that, the team planned the main questions that will guide the way to fill up the template. They identified that the social perspective still need more questions about: stakeholders involved, holistic perspective, relationship between the social sustainability principles, etc. For that reason, it was important to develop new questions that will guide the social component.

Afterwards, they ran the workshop with the intention to test and plan the time, the effectiveness of the proposed material, etc. With this trial, it was possible to identify some elements that must be adjusted in order to make it easier to understand and develop, for example how the social SP’s should be treated without introducing too much complexity to the exercise (with respect to the time limitations). At the same time, it was a good opportunity to reflect on some questions about the field and how the results can be a good outcome to enrich the STOSIP project.

It was a very positive experience for all the team participants, and they are looking forward to apply the workshop with the company.

By Carolina Villamil

6 October 2017

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