AI and machine learning in focus today

Today, companies and organisations were invited to BTH to learn more about artificial intelligence, AI, and machine learning. Some of the ongoing AI projects were presented and discussions on the challenges of AI were held.

Some 50 participants came to BTH today to discuss AI and to hear BTH researchers talk about “What is AI and what can it to for your organisation”. Behind this initiative lies Marie Netz, senior lecturer in computer science at BTH.

Computer science professor Håkan Grahn started to give an overall presentation of the area. BTH has a research environment focusing on creating resource efficient system for the analysis of large amount of data. The research is carried out in collaboration with six companies.

Key note today was senior lecturer Martin Boldt, who started by giving a short historical summery on early AI systems. He continued to talk about machine learning, an important AI sub field.

-Machine learning makes it possible for computers to learn from past events recorded in data files. It allows computer programmes to learn from data, he explained. The machine is instructed by humans how to learn, but not what the end-result will be.

Martin Boldt presented three application areas of machine learning;

1. Classifications, the most widely used application, which can be used to e.g make the division of e-mail into either spam or no-spam.
2.Regression, determining the number rather than a class, e.g to estimate the prize of a car based on some characteristics.
3. Clustering, e.g automatically cluster text files in a folder.

Martin Boldt also raised the societal effects and ethical aspects on AI and the development of AI products.

-AI will affect all sectors of society. We know what AI can do, but we must consider if we should develop certain products.

Finally, will AI outperform us humans?

Martin Boldt thinks that AI most probably will replace humans in some occupations, but not that AI will outperform humans. At least not in a long time.

-The combination of humans and AI beats all AI systems, he says. Humans and AI is a good combination.

The day ended with an AI panel discussion, moderated by Marie Netz.

30 August 2019