Meet our researchers

Meet our researchers

BTH conducts a considerable amount of research. Today, research and research studies account for one third of our activities.

Research is conducted at two faculties within the fields of engineering, IT, spatial planning, industrial economics and health sciences. Read more about our research fields.

Research is conducted in collaboration with both business and industry as well as society, and always with a clear focus – that the results will contribute to solving the challenges facing society.

Below we present some researchers at BTH.

Darja Smite

How software-intensive companies can manage outsourcing efficiently

Darja Šmite is professor of software engineering and her research focus is on software outsourcing in so-called low-cost countries. The research aims at supporting Swedish software-intensive companies in their efforts to efficiently manage outsourcing. The results have been developed in collaboration with Ericsson, Telenor and other companies.

Darja is one of the members of the Software Engineering Research Lab at BTH (SERL Sweden), which is one of the leading research groups in empirical and evidence-based software engineering in Europe.


Johanna Törnquist Krasemann

How train delays can be reduced

Johanna Törnquist Krasemann is associate professor of computer science. Her research focuses on how to develop optimisation-based methods for resource allocation in traffic and transport systems.

Her research is conducted in collaboration with the Swedish Transportation Administration (Trafikverket). Optimisation-based algorithms can support their decision-making and foresee consequences as well as propose solutions.

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