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Research in Spatial Planning

Collaboratively developing age-friendly communities with municipality eldercare, spatial planning and Senior Citizens’ Councils


CollAGE is a six year research programme in which cross-sector collaboration between three main actors in the municipality is investigated, eldercare, spatial planning, and Senior Citizens’ Councils.

The research aims at exploring how eldercare interventions and services are managed and understood in spatial planning, how eldercare civil servants perceive how the built environment impact on their services and clients, and how older people’s preferences can contribute to improved quality in services and housing provision. The ultimate aim of the programme is to develop a methodological tool – CollAGE – to support, facilitate and structure collaboration between the three actors.

A multidisciplinary team of scholars in social work and spatial planning from Blekinge Institute of Technology and Umeå University participate in the programme.

A multidisciplinary advisory group of experienced researchers and older people support the research team. Stakeholders – older individuals, organizations and authorities – follow the programme. If you are interested in participating in the research or if you wish to have more information, please contact the project manager, Catharina Nord.

The programme is financed by Forte no: 2021-01424.



The research team studies a variety of practical and discursive aspects of the topic in six different research projects.

1 Visions of provision of eldercare services in comprehensive and detailed plans

Tirtha Rasaili. Doctoral Student. Dep. of Spatial Planning, BTH.

2 Innovations in housing and care in multi-actor collaboration

Ebba Högström, Associate professor, Dep. of Spatial Planning, BTH.

3 Testing of a proto-tool in collaboration between actors in housing and care projects

Mats Johan Lundström, Senior lecturer, Dep. of Spatial Planning, BTH.

4 Representations of spatial planning within eldercare and vice versa.

Amanda Nyberg. Doctoral Student. Dep. of Social Work, Umeå University.

5 Competing or complementing work practices and social representations of older people in eldercare and in spatial planning

Katarina Andersson, Associate professor, Dep. of Social work, Umeå University.

6 Co-production of local age-friendly communities. Older people as researchers

Catharina Nord, Professor, Dep. of Spatial Planning, BTH.





24 million SEK

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Catharina Nord


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