FLOAT: Real-time decision support for railway traffic management

FLOAT: Real-time decision support for railway traffic management

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Johanna Törnqvist Krasemann



Computer science and engineering

This project is financed by Trafikverket and is a continuation of the previous research projects OAT+ and EOT (both financed by Trafikverket). Researchers working in the project are currently Ph D student Sai Prashanth Josyula, Post-Doc Omid Gholami and Associate Professor Johanna Törnquist Krasemann, BTH.


As the railway traffic networks become more and more saturated and where even small disturbances can propogate and have severe consequences, the need for efficient re‐scheduling support for the traffic managers is evident. In the previous research projects OAT, OAT+ and EOT mathematical models describing how the traffic can be re‐scheduled have been developed as well as optimization‐based algorithms to solve the re‐scheduling problem. These models and methods serve to provide the traffic managers in real‐time with suggestions on how to optimally re‐schedule the traffic based on information relevant to make a good plan and in line with the objectives and deliverables Trafikverket has assigned to.




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Johanna Törnqvist Krasemann


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