Research in real life

Research in real life - for society´s challenges

BTH is a university where the research is applied, i.e. the purpose of the research is to seek new knowledge with a view to a definite application.

Research is conducted  in the fields of engineering, IT, spatial planning, industrial economics, design and health sciences, all connected under the profile of applied IT, which researchers approach from different perspectives. BTH is among the world´s most outstanding higher education institutions within software engineering and sustainable development.

Read more about how our research is connected to society´s and industrial challenges below.

Research is conducted in collaboration with both business and industry as well as society, and always with a clear focus that the results will contribute to solving the challenges facing society.

Research is conducted at two faculties and in 12 research fields.

World class research

BTH is among the world’s most outstanding higher education institutions within software engineering and sustainable development. In systems and software engineering, BTH is ranked sixth in the world and first within the EU, according to the Journal of Systems and Software. BTH is also deemed to be the best in Sweden and in third place within Europe for sustainable development, according to a report from the Alliance for Global Sustainability.


Short facts about BTH´S research

  • BTH is among the top six in the world in software engineering and sustainability
  • 44 professors
  • BTH has the right to give PhD programmes in engineering. Today we run PhD programmes in “IT with applications” and “Planning and management”
  • Approximately 90 doctoral students
  • PhD programmes in 10 subjects
  • Approximately one-third of the turnover is related to research and PhD programmes
  • Grants Office gives BTH researchers support with finding, applying for and running of external funded projects

Research with high industrial relevance

BTH conducts highly interesting research in areas that are of great importance for society.

The research, which is fully in line with BTH’s profile, takes place in two different environments where connections to industry is strong and collaboration with companies is essential. Both research environments have funding from the Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen) in Sweden.

The next generation of sustainable products
One focuses on the production of digital methods and tools to develop the next generation of sustainable products in the manufacturing industry. The initiative involves developing model-driven support system for product development, prototyping and visualization to become more efficient and value creation. The research is carried out in collaboration with a number of companies e.g. Volvo, Tetra Pak and GKN Aerospace. Read more.

Value from large and complex data
The other focuses on creating resource-efficient systems for the analysis of large amounts of data. The research is conducted in cooperation with a number of companies including Ericsson, Telenor and Sony Mobile Communications. BTH is considered to be one of the six in the world in software engineering. The area is of great importance in today’s society, given the extent to which we rely on computers and functioning software. Read more.

For me, BTH stands for a clear focus on applied research in collaboration with industry. It has given me and my colleagues excellent opportunities to conduct high quality research with high industrial importance in software engineering”.
Claes Wohlin, researcher in software engineering

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Professor Claes Wohlin
Dean at the Faculty of Computing
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